Ascension Tools Ankh
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Ascension Tools Ankh

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Designed to attract vital life energy to the user, and assist in energetic exercises. Your order of the Ascension Tools Ankh includes a digital booklet outlining proper usage of the ankh, as well as methods of energetic cultivation.

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  1. I’ll start by saying the Egypt geek in me is in love with this tool, the way it feels both physically and energetically is deeply satisfying. I often go days where i’ll keep it on me instead of my phone, just to balance out the kinds of energy my body is being exposed to. I’ve had a few sporadic psychic experiences with it where my awareness predicted incidents and encounters minutes before they happened. I have also had very jarring experiences with it when I have made the mistake of using it while in a bad mindset. These ankhs manifest what ever your spirit is focused on, for better or worse. In other words DO NOT USE IT OR KEEP IT ON YOU IF YOUR IN A BAD MENTAL/EMOTIONAL SPACE. That aspect also makes it serve as a very good reminder to stay present and aware. When used with focus and intention its basically a magic wand! You focus your heart and mind on whatever it is you want to manifest, actively do the breathing exercises, and watch it manifest with awe, like “holy sh*t i made that happen, i made that come to me, i made that real!”

  2. I am profoundly amazed at the this Ankh’s ability to amplify my power! Use it wisely and the universe in turn will reward you! I have seen it’s power firsthand and it has changed my life! We are the original people… in Indigenous AfriKan culture we thrive in abundance. Be intentional with the good you put out and it will amplify it infinitely!

  3. This ankh has really helped in building and amplifying my energetic charge. Use it wisely, as it’s ability to amplify your charge is very real! Meditating with the device has helped me ground my energy and really allowed me to tune into myself! The manual is also filled with wonderful amounts of information to help you with meditation, fasting ect.

  4. ASE! This is definitely what our ancestors had in mind….. This is not an ornament folks. True high vibrational functionality, plus simple attractive design. I only use my ankh for meditation and not as a pendant, it’s too powerful. This ankh will MAGNIFY your energy so be aware and be wise.

  5. The power this magnificent gift holds is beyond words but one will certainly feel its radiant ascension. Be conscious of when and how you use this ancient tool for its magnificence will only amplify what is deep within.
    Wear it with purpose and truth.

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