Introducing The
Ascension Tools Ankh

Dive deeper into your energetic exercises with a tool designed to draw vitality toward you. Whether you are cultivating Chi, breathing Prana, or cycling Ra life force, this ancient devices harmonic design will amplify your energetic control and expand your auric reach.

When activated, the Ankh draws negative ions toward it's vortex. This charges not only the user but the air surrounding them. With mindfulness this charge can be used to expand ones auric field.

Golden Mene Vortex

To determine the measurements of each section in proportion to each other, the Golden Mene Ratio was utilized throughout the Ankhs entire design. This ratio visibly is present in the loop, which geometrically is the form of an egg or womb, natures first physical manifestation of vortexual energy. This same movement of energy into matter can be seen in the shape of a sperm cell. This example can also be witnessed in the movement of water when it makes contact with an angled surface.

Bio Resonance

The very shape and structure of the Ankh is resonant with the 3 Major Portals of Manifestation on the human body. The first is the pelvic floor where life is created. The second is the larynx, where sound is formed. And the the third is located at the floor of the brain, it is called the Circle of Willis, an arterial formation which provides the brain its life force.

The Ascension Tools Ankh is a compact 6" in length and 3" in width. Smaller than most smart phones, it is easy to travel with as a personal talisman. Its measurements all correlate to the phi ratio, making it resonant with biological life. The Ratio of Phi governs all of nature. In order for anything to be resonant with the human physiology, it must be resonant with this principle.

Solid Copper Loop

Made from highly conductive, diamagnetic copper. Regular contact with the skin increases the body's copper content, improving bodily functions and conductivity.

Powerful Magnets

The interaction between the magnets and the copper produce an electric current and a secondary magnetic field around the Ankh. This attracts negative ions which charge the surrounding air, and in turn charge the user.

Semi-conductive insulation

Each Ascension Tools Ankh is lined with a special polymer that allows for the collection and storage of the charge created by the kinetic motion. This insulation allows the charge to circulate the entire Ankh for extended periods of time, strengthening its vortex.

Exercising Your Frequency

The Ankh is best used when the user is in a zen-like state. Shaking the Ankh for at least one minute will cause it to build a charge. To activate the ankh, vocalize your intention and speak over it. As you consistently engage in this ceremonious activity, you will amplify the power of your will on the world around you. Making your manifestations become your reality.

As one's auric field expands, their sensitivity to environmental energy increases. When this occurs, cyclic exercise such as grounding are far more effective. After discharging old and stagnant energy from the body, the Ankh assists in drawing vital earth energy into the body. This is extremely important as we are terrestrial beings and having a charge which is resonant with the earth places you in tune with all that is around you.

Cultivate Life Force

Discover your ability to cycle energy with the planet and correctly harness it. The Ascension Tools manual (included with every Ankh) educates users on how to effectively amplify the bodies energetic capacity.

Ascension Tools Manual

The exercises taught in the manual should be used for purging stagnant energy, and increasing your energetic capacity through proper techniques of life force cultivation. By using the Ankh during these exercises, you are able to concentrate energy in the body and direct its function using nothing more than your breath the Ankh and intent.

Ascension Tools Manual

Experience your subtle energies like never before. As your bodies ability to utilize larger amounts of life force increases, you will find your senses of intuition, empathy, and foresight increase notably.

Awaken Higher Consciousness

Learn the teachings of ancient Kemet. The Ankh is not an ornamental jewelry item, nor is it merely a symbol meaning life. It is a tool designed to stimulate the bodies energetic centers and awaken higher consciousness.

Use the Ankh to amplify awareness of what your energy feels like within and outside of your body. As you cultivate greater amounts of life force with the Ascension Tools Ankh, you will find in meditation, an increased control of your will on your own body, its functions, and the world around you.

Feel it for yourself

The effects of the Ankh on the body are warm and invigorating like the rising sun. Subtly expanding the users auric field, and attracting what is both consciously and unconsciously desired (Be Mindful). Many of those who are naturally in tune with their own energy can feel the power of the ankh immediately.

The Ascension Tools Ankh.
Designed with your highest vibrations in mind. Experience for yourself what many reiki practitioners, clairvoyants, and mystics have been using to better hone their abilities.