Cobra symbolism & Human Anatomy

Figure 1.

Let us begin this entry with a reminder to all students of the light. Everything relates to your body. Not just in context of understanding hidden truths, but in all truths, all that you perceive is a part of you. With that being said let us address the subject at hand. The cobra is seen in both Kemetic (Egyptian) and Indian spiritual traditions. What makes the Cobra unique in comparison to all other serpents is the fact that it is hooded, and the fact that it stands erect. If you have ever observed a cobra in nature you would note that it specifically stands up during times of day when the sun is rising Figure 2. A similar phenomenon can be witnessed with vultures, they stand with their wings spread as the sun is rising. This same behavior can be witnessed in the anatomy of men. As the sun rises a mans penis becomes erect. one should also note that just as the cobra is hooded, the penis and clitoris are also hooded. These are parts of the body that are hooded exhibit a likeness in behavior, as well as sensitivity. If we draw our attention upward in the body to Figure 1, you will see an image of the pineal gland (green) and the surrounding parts of the brain, which favor the appearance of a hood.  Observe how its form resembles a cobra. You will also notice the upright cobra sitting above the brow of the initiate, this is to note that their gland has successfully been activated. Observe how pineal phonetically resembles penile, this is no coincidence. They don’t just have similar names, but they also have similar behaviors and structure. The pineal gland has more blood pass through it than any other part of the brain, but when it is stimulated it grows erect, this is often labeled as “opening your third eye”. This terminology is rather inaccurate as it does not open. It is far better described as a stimulating of, or an awakening of the gland. The relation between the sexual organs and pineal organ can even be viewed in the anatomy Figure 3.

Figure 3.

The frenulum which is mutilated in circumcision contains the highest nerve concentration in the region, making it connect to the brain more than any other part of the penis. It takes little imagination to see the coloration between our sexual organs and what is essentially our higher sexual organ. In the Tao it is taught that when a practitioner successfully raises their qi / kundilini / serpent power, pure bliss is experienced and a sweet nectar pours from the brain down to the tongue, when swallowed this nectar extends longevity and heals illness. Quite comparable to ejaculation, or a spitting cobras venom refined into medicine.

Figure 2.

With this understanding the question is drawn, how does one charm the cobra to stand? Or rather stimulate / awaken the gland. If it bares anatomical similarities to the genitalia, is it something that can be stimulated in similar fashion? Yes! But perhaps not how you think. What causes erections in the morning for men is exposure to the sunlight. During the night the pineal gland produces melatonin to place us in a restful state, the production of melatonin is a result of being in darkness. As the sun rises and the light makes contact with the body, the melatonin converts to serotonin, serotonin induces a state of alertness, it also effects mood, appetite, social behaviors and sexual desire. When this melatonin is being converted into serotonin the pineal gland becomes active regulating the bodies functions. This regulation is also known as the circadian rhythm. This in itself lends a clue. If the amount of serotonin produced after one nights sleep stimulates the pineal glands activity this much, than greater periods of darkness followed by exposure to sunlight would yield a far more potent result. This is referred to as darkness meditation, and was one of the functions of the pyramids. We will have future articles on these practices but for now lets focus on stimulus of the pineal gland. 

When a penis becomes erect via physical stimulation, it is the dorsal nerve which sends signals to the brain to feel pleasure and send blood. However the Cavernous Nerve Figure 4. Can also send signals to the brain for blood when it is stimulated with magnetic pulses, in other words no physical contact is needed to cause an erection, simply intervals of exposure to magnetic fields. The shape of the fields also make  a difference it is found that apposing north poles  yield stronger results than just say a lone bar magnet. This is a reminder that we are in fact electric beings.

Figure 4.

The image of the Neter (Egyptian gods) holding an Ankh to the nose of initiates Figure 5. is something which is seen quite often in the stories written on the temple walls of Kemet. It is typically referred to by Egyptologist as a depiction of a god offering the breath of life, or breath of new life. There is truth in this title. But also much concealed. The Ankh when charged possesses a unique magnetic field, and draws negatively charged ions toward its center. These ions allow blood cells to gain a greater charge to move more efficiently. This also allows the expansion of the capillaries to allow a greater flow of blood. When brought to the nose the Olfactory nerve is stimulated. This nerve connects to the eyes, sinuses and pineal gland. As the initiate breathes deeply through their nose drawing this charged air into their body, it passes the Olfactory nerve stimulating it in addition to the magnetic field stimulus. This process much like the example in Figure 4. sends signals to the brain to increase blood flow thus stimulating / awakening the gland.

Figure 5.

A note to the initiate:
Having an awakened pineal gland does not induce a sudden state of super powers, nor is it something to be perused lightly. The body should be cleansed and well fasted before attempting to stimulate the very thing which governs all of its cycles, otherwise extreme consequences may be faced. When the gland is in a hyper stimulated mode its uses  become particularly noteworthy in the medium state, or rather the state between a sleep and awake. It is in this state that one gains superb control of their astral form. And attains full awareness of their true being and no longer holds fearful attachment to the material world as they are a fully realized and eternal being of creation. This awareness is the ultimate goal of any student of the ancients. It is with this awareness that one is able to die and reincarnate with all memory in tact. It is this awareness that allows one to choose if they wish to reincarnate, and not be trapped in the cycle of death and rebirth which governs the sleeping world. And it is this very same state when mastered that the performance of miracles is possible. More information on practices to prepare the body for this state can be found in the Ascension Tools Manual. Practice with care.

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Cobra symbolism & Human Anatomy

Figure 1. Let us begin this entry with a reminder to all students of the light. Everything relates to your body. Not just in context of understanding hidden truths, but in all truths, all that you perceive is a part of you. With that being said let us address the subject at hand. The cobra is seen in both Kemetic

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